Summary of Services

Included in all packages are academic guidance counseling in addition to college admissions counseling services.


academic guidance counseling

  • Guidance throughout the high school experience

  • Monitoring of academic performance

  • Strategies for academic success

  • Recommendations for selection of core and elective coursework

  • Development of a “claim-to-fame”

  • Implementation of an Educational Plan

  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvements during the school year and summer

  • Assistance with teacher relationships

  • Guidance in social relationships

  • Identification of problem areas

  • Recommendations concerning an educational evaluation where appropriate

  • Guidance in requesting accommodations for school-based and standardized testing

  • Recommendations for community service


college admissions counseling

  • Evaluation of transcripts, GPA, curriculum and test scores

  • Discovery and development of specialized talent areas

  • Student and Parent Questionnaires to facilitate in-depth understanding of family needs and preferences

  • Consultation regarding SAT I & II and ACT testing

  • Recommendations for test preparation and tutoring

  • Creation of a personalized testing schedule

  • Development of a college resume

  • Development of a “claim-to-fame”

  • Design of a unique academic and extracurricular identity

  • Advertising student’s unique identity to college representatives

  • Strategizing to ensure student stands out in the crowd of applicants

  • Showcasing of talents and highlighting abilities

  • Development of initial college list after extensive research on various schools that may be appropriate

  • Finalizing the college list to include the best fits for your student

  • Recommendations on visiting schools and making contacts

  • Assistance with writing and editing multiple essays — not just well-written essays, but essays that win the attention of college reps

  • Guidance in constructing portfolios for showcasing talent areas

  • Creation of marketing materials to get the attention of college coaches for athletic recruitment

  • Guidance in gathering letters of recommendation

  • Assistance in the completion of all applications — each one is proofread before submission

  • Preparation for the interview process

  • Overall organization and structuring around college deadlines

  • Assistance in communication with college representatives

  • Help in making the final decision senior year

  • Parental guidance, communication and support throughout