What Parents Say  


I highly recommend Danielle Arca. There aren’t enough words to describe what a wonderful and integral part she’s played in our eldest son’s life. She is an excellent counselor who truly cares about your child’s future. She is professional and brilliant beyond words. Our  son applied to various universities under Danielle’s guidance and tutelage and was accepted into three top institutions – he finally decided to choose the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. He is profoundly happy and couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere else.
— Lynn & Kris De Witte, parents

Mucho habíamos escuchado sobre el proceso de aplicación a los Colegios y Universidades en los Estados Unidos. Llegamos a pensar en ocasiones que era exageración de los padres. No es hasta ahora que nuestro hijo comenzó el último año de High School, que entonces comprendimos que este proceso de aplicación puede ser estresante no solo para el estudiante involucrado, sino también para toda su familia.

La ayuda de Danielle Arca a nuestro hijo, y a nosotros como padres, en el proceso de aplicación ha sido de incalculable valor. Se ha mostrado siempre muy profesional, con conocimiento amplio de su trabajo, respetuosa y con un carácter muy jovial que permitió desde el principio tener una magnífica relación. Siempre disponible por teléfono, Skype o emails para responder preguntas o dudas que se presentaban. En general la comunicación entre nosotros ha sido excelente, teniendo en cuenta que Danielle también habla un perfecto español☺

Como padres estamos muy contentos y satisfechos con la labor de Danielle. Gracias al estricto y organizado plan de trabajo que estableció con nuestro hijo, las aplicaciones a las Universidades de interés, estuvieron listas para enviar desde principios de Octubre. Esto nos dió una tremenda tranquilidad.
— Drs. Verielen & Osmel Alvarez, padres cuyo estudiante fue aceptado a su primera opción -- Johns Hopkins University
(English Translation)
We had heard a lot about the college application process in the United States. At times we believed other parents were simply exaggerating. It wasn’t until our son began his senior year of high school that we understood how stressful the application process could be, not only for the student involved, but also for his or her entire family.

The assistance Danielle Arca gave to our son and to us as parents in the application process has proved to be of immeasurable value. She has always been very professional, with broad knowledge of her work, respectful and with a very jovial character that allowed us to have a magnificent relationship right from the start. She was always available by phone, Skype or email to respond to our questions or concerns. In general, the communication between us has been excellent, keeping in mind that Danielle also speaks perfect Spanish.

As parents we are very happy and satisfied with Danielle’s work. Thanks to the strict and well organized work schedule she established for our son, his college applications were ready to submit at the beginning of October. This gave us tremendous peace.
— Drs. Verielen & Osmel Alvarez, parents of student accepted to his first choice school -- Johns Hopkins University

Danielle Arca is a young woman of extraordinary talent and ability in working with students, and with their parents. Every phone call and every e-mail from us — and there were many — was answered promptly by her. We are thrilled about Sarah’s acceptance to Smith College — her first choice — because we think it is a great place for her to develop to her full potential, both academically and personally, but, honestly, we would be writing this letter even if she had not achieved her first choice. It has been such a pleasure for us to deal with Ms. Arca, to express our concerns to her, to hear her advice, to have her nudge Sarah along and thereby avoid conflict between the three of us. We know that Sarah has greatly benefited from the countless talks she had with Ms. Arca and we are very grateful.
— Harriett Galvin & Paul Posnak, parents

I can’t thank you enough for helping Catherine (and her parents) navigate the college admission process. You were there every step of the way — with factual and spiritual guidance — we all know how incredibly lucky we are to have worked with you.

Hearing your excitement when I called with the good news about Sarah Lawrence College —Catherine’s first choice —was icing on the cake. You are The Best!
— Nancy Solomon, parent

I want to once again thank you for everything you have done to help Frankie (and us). We believe that people come and go in our lives but there are some who leave footprints in our hearts. Thank you for being one of those people.
— Dr. Sandra Telfort, parent of blue-chip football player recruited by University of Southern California

For our very special counselor and of the nicest, sweetest, loveliest people we have ever met!! Thank you for being so helpful to us and to Carolina. We cherish your friendship.
— The Ardilas, Parents


What Students Say



From the start of Danielle’s assistance in my college application process, it became evident that she not only wanted to be there for me every step of the way as a tutor, but also as a friend. Her actions made me feel more comfortable and confident in getting into the schools I desired. I struggled in high school for many different reasons, but Danielle made an effort to shine a light on the things that I excelled in. I would meet with Danielle whenever I could, and she helped me with everything from ideas for essays, helping me with the ACT and editing my final drafts. Some of the essays I wrote ended up being my best pieces of writing, and now I am able to cherish them forever. Danielle supported me through the process, but always pushed me to provide my best work possible. She did a ton of research for me and ultimately knew exactly what each college was looking for, which narrowed down all the questions and concerns that I had. Danielle introduced me to schools I had never thought of before, which opened my eyes to more and more opportunities available to me. She was with me from the beginning to the end of the application process, and supported me through thick and thin. I ended up being accepted to multiple amazing schools, and ultimately committed to the University of Colorado, Boulder. I could not be happier that I chose Danielle as my college counselor. I have her to thank for getting me to where I am today; she created a foundation that has made me happier and more confident about my future than I’ve ever been.

/  ella horn — university of colorado, boulder  /


Thank you so much for helping me get into my school of choice! I know that I'm going to be so happy at Scripps. The next four years are going to be an amazing experience! I couldn't have done all this without your guidance. I'm so thankful for your help!

/  molly buermann — scripps college  /


Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You are someone that has made an impact in my life not only as a counselor but as a friend. Were it not for you I wouldn't be taking art, the class that for years I had wanted to take. You always had faith in me and that has meant so much to me! I hope to keep in touch after I graduate.

/  carolina ardila — princeton  /


Wow, where do I begin? This year was awesome. Your office was a second home for me. I'm gonna miss you the most. You're amazing, and I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me (when everyone else thought I couldn't). Thank you.

/  patrick de ledebur — carnegie mellon  /