Counseling into College



Athletes | Artists | Architects

…to name a few. The college application process for areas of talent is unique and highly specialized. It requires a separate process in addition to general application requirements, and the procedures involved are specific to each talent area. In the case of scholar-athletes, ExpertAdmit” ensures exposure and visibility among college coaches and exponentially increases your athlete’s chances of getting recruited.



What if your child isn’t the valedictorian or salutatorian? Do you feel like your child is falling through the cracks, not getting as much attention at school as some of the top-ranking students? Lay your fears to rest! ExpertAdmit” guarantees to make every student a rockstar, calling out their very best and putting them in the college admission spotlight.

Learning Differences

Not every student learns in the same way. At ExpertAdmit”, not only do we recognize this, we are specially equipped to place students who learn differently in college environments that are supportive of these differences and have programs designed to help them excel.


Academic Guidance

Guidance Counseling is a crucial component of the college application process and begins in the freshman year.


Every student can benefit from learning effective study strategies. Usually, the strategies that worked throughout middle school no longer prove effective in high school as the workload increases and becomes more difficult.


Academic performance is monitored throughout the school year so that improved strategies can be implemented before it’s too late.


ExpertAdmit” is experienced in detecting learning issues and will make recommendations for a psycho-educational evaluation where appropriate. We are also skilled in the interpretation of these evaluations and will guide families through the process of requesting accommodations such as extended time for school-based testing as well as standardized testing.